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Here is where the rubber meets the road; let us help you streamline as you grow, or regain control if business results are not meeting forecasts. Whether you are scaling your business model for growth, turning around from trouble, or preparing to exit, we help you get the most value as you transition. Working together, we’ll get to the bottom of some critical questions: how is your team structured to get the work done, what technology supports your team, is the customer experience helping you win market share, is your operation streamlined for speed and quality? The answers to these questions provide the blueprint for rolling up our sleeves and working through the change. We’ll help you generate more business value for less effort and investment.

Case Study: Non-profit in the Performing Arts

With an unrelenting focus on the three C’s of a turnaround — cash, communication, control — we helped a not-for-profit which was suffering from an inadequate endowment, decreasing donations, and rising expenses.

Our initial analysis showed that without significant intervention  the organization would have to shut its doors within two months. Our work included:

  • Immediately triage around cash, while ensuring support from creditors and donors.
  • Reduce expenses and quickly create a two year budget and restructuring plan.
  • Once a bit more stable, a focus on fundraising.

A 25% leaner organization within three months. New leadership within six months. An operating surplus within one year (after five years of breakeven or deficit years),  and a debt pay down of 60% within two years.

Detailed Service Offerings

  • Organizational design
  • Production setup
  • Outsourcing planning and setup
  • Management evaluation and hiring support
  • Operational scaling to make growth profitable
  • Sales and marketing support (including social media strategy)
  • Performance management
  • M&A integration
  • Supplier management
  • Management advisory
  • Operational restructuring
  • Process improvement
  • Sales improvement
  • Organizational redesign
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Contract restructuring
  • Crisis management
  • Management evaluation and coaching: current or next generation
  • Interim management to support next generation until they are ready
  • Advisory board or board of directors support
  • Sale preparation

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