Chrysalis Management Manages Sale of IT Staffing firm Cloudeeva, Inc. to First Tek Inc. in a 363 Auction for Chapter 11 Trustee.

April 10, 2015

Chrysalis Management served as advisor to the Chapter 11 trustee of Cloudeeva, Inc., providing interim management of operations and management of the successful sale of the company to First Tek Inc. – an IT staffing firm headquartered in Piscataway, NJ – through a 363 sale process and auction.

Cloudeeva Inc., a mid-sized IT staffing firm based in East Windsor, NJ, filed for bankruptcy in July 2014 after a shareholder dispute, and Chrysalis was appointed by the Chapter 11 Trustee December 2014 to manage the operations and bankruptcy exit.

During the initial analysis, significant fraud was discovered, key managers resigned or were terminated, and significant operational, litigation and analytical support was required to ensure ongoing operational viability and preservation of asset values.

Chrysalis maintained revenue and profit at comparable levels to when it assumed responsibility, maintained staff and consultant levels, and identified and managed the identification and re-integration of approximately $500k in fraudulently transferred assets. Cloudeeva was sold for $7.55M after initial bids indicated highest value of $5M.

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