Assessment and Planning

Whether you’re just getting started, growing so fast you can’t keep up, distressed and need help, or you’re a family business transitioning to the next generation, Chrysalis can work with you to quickly complete a comprehensive assessment and design an all-inclusive financial and operational action plan to move you forward.

Case Study: Midwest Biotech Assessment and Turnaround

Situation and Assessment Findings:
When revenue plummeted from $52M to $25M during the last recession, it revealed a multitude of operating inefficiencies for a Midwest Biotech firm. Acquisitions had not been properly integrated, sales and operations did not coordinate, and the business development structure was dysfunctional. Operational controls were inadequate, and the inability to forecast beyond 30 days led to continual cash shortages. In fact, our first week of assessment analysis projected a $10M EBITDA loss over the next 12 months.

Chrysalis completed a full assessment, prepared an 18 month action plan, and developed an immediate improvement plan to reverse the projected $10M EBITDA loss. We implemented project management and inventory management systems, evaluated management and restructured the organization, assumed management of the sales department for three quarters, and completed a full corporate rebranding.

Chrysalis identified $9.7M in cost savings over the first six weeks and was subsequently hired for implementation. We increased sales by 30%, and the rest of our plan was on track when we departed after three quarters..

Detailed Service Offerings

  • Viability assessments
  • Business plan & teasers
  • Valuation & projections
  • Organization design plan
  • Sales and marketing assessments and strategy
  • Management assessment
  • Business continuity plan
  • Dept/division assessment
  • Growth planning
  • Situation assessment
  • Operations needs assessment
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Sales and marketing assessments and strategy
  • Situation assessment
  • Viability assessment
  • Turnaround plans
  • Restructuring budget and plans
  • Lender workout plans
  • Sales and marketing assessments and strategy
  • Management and next generation assessment
  • Organizational redesign
  • Businss continuity plans
  • Succession plans
  • Sale prep to maximize value

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