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Note: Chrysalis Management LLC recently joined forces to launch CR3 Partners, LLC. For more information please visit us at www.cr3partners.com

Chrysalis Management is a boutique advisory firm that provides top-tier financial and operational support for small and mid-sized companies at critical inflection points:

  • Growth
  • Plateau
  • Distress
  • Exit

We partner with companies and stakeholders to support and strengthen organizations during times of uncertainty, transition, and transformation. Working to accelerate change on both the revenue and cost sides, we develop and implement action plans designed to deliver measurable results quickly. Our team is experienced, invested and ethical, and we will help you realize your goals by collaborating with you in the following service areas:

Here’s what others are saying:

[Chrysalis] has been a valuable and savvy liaison with our lender, a strong advocate for the Company and a true problem solver as many types of challenges have presented themselves.”

Investor, Manufacturing Firm

The work…has been first class, professional and always on point. [Chrysalis]…quickly got [their] hands around the variety of issues that had become part of the fabric of the company over many years. In the midst of staff turnover and difficult financial issues [they have] been a steady, deliberate agent for change and improvement.”

Chairman, Not-for-profit

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Boston: 393 Totten Pond Road, Suite 202, Waltham, MA 02451

New York: 135 Crossways Park Drive , Suite 402,Woodbury, NY, 11797


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